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Unregistered Land

For many years, Pengwern Land have used their expertise to help developers, promoters and land owners to identify and track down the owners of unregistered land. 

These pieces of land can be verges, paths, tracks, or lanes through to entire fields. Often they can provide a potential access to strategic land adjacent.

Some are historic green lanes, others are occupation roads, others are ancient routes and have either failed to be registered through incorrect registration or have fallen off the title through poor conveyancing.

In some cases, these strips have been deliberately retained but subsequently forgotten about by subsequent generations. The land may be subject to manorial rights or may constitute manorial waste.

Pengwern Land uses information contained within both National and Regional Archives as well as Ordnance Survey maps and to trace the history of the land and its changing boundaries to establish ownership.

We have recently tracked a fields' history from the 11th Century to the present to establish when an incorrect conveyance plan caused the adjacent verge to be omitted from the title and to put forward a proposal that allowed ownership of the verge to be regained and a development access formed to the adjacent site.

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